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Restorative Justice Animation News

In November 2014 I created an animation about restorative justice awareness for RJworking. It was to demonstrate a scenario in which restorative justice could potentially help two people who feel trapped by an incident, and who want closure to this situation.

I recently recieved an email to say that my animation has been recieved well during it's various screenings across the UK.

"I just wanted to write to say how fantastic the response was to your animation at the Ministry of Justice event in London. It was amazing really - people completely got sucked in and stopped in front of the laptop to watch it more than once. One lady told me she thought it was 'genius'. People loved the labels and thought the piece was a really accessible way of getting a core message about RJ across. I just wanted to let you know because I think it's good to share the positive!!"

I was then invitied to Falmouth University to see the students had currently also been working on their own RJ related animations, due to the success of this oppertunity.

An RJ magazine featuring screenshots from my animation.

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